Range of LDR sensor

in room with dim light, ldr sensor is giving it’s maximum value of 1.02 thousand, when used with 10k ohm resistor. It’s value will change only in extremely dim light conditions. In this situation it can’t be used to differentiate between sunlight and shade in bright daylight.
So, i want to ask is there any way to solve this problem
by increasing range or by changing resistor or by any other way, by using same ldr ?

Yes indeed the LDR’s got some precision variation based upon the quality & sensitivity of the LDR, you can try using some other industry grade LDR to get more precise readings.

Hello ravi, i have a solution for this problem.

  1. Use a 1K resistance instead of 10K, if you are in a room and reading room light through bolt device.
  2. If you want to increase the LDR RANGE more, then add a 220 ohm resistance in series with LDR and use 680 ohm or 470 ohm resistance in place of 1K or 10K resistance.
  3. If you want to work in sun light using bolt device then use a photo diode in place of LDR and connect the cathode of photodiode to 3.3v and anode with one leg of 220 ohm resistance and other leg of 220 ohm resistance will connect to A0 pin of bolt device and repeat all the above steps for getting more precise result.

If you will satisfy with this solution plz reply me…

Thanks for these solutions… i will test them all, if they give satisfactorily results for me !