Range of the output values of ADC pin on Bolt

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Can anyone please explain why the answer is given wrong?
My explanation: The ADC on Bolt is of 10 bit. It takes input as analog value and gives OUTPUT as digital value. For 10 bit ADC the range of the OUTPUT(Digital value) should be o to (2^10)-1 or 0 to 1023.


I have taken forward your request, will resolve your query as soon as possible.

The bolt module uses a 8-bit ADC which works across a range of 0-255(2^8)… Since this option is not available you should have gone with 0 - 3.3V as 3.3V corresponds to the maximum output value of 255 and similarly, 0V corresponds to output value 0… Just check the initial classes of the IoT ML course… You will get a better understanding.
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The bolt module uses 10bit ADC where values would be from 0 to 1023 and analog pin of A0 is capable of accepting voltages in between 0 -1V