Re-register bolt IoT

I have bolt IoT device

{“Bolt Hardware Version”:“1.2”,“Firmware Version”:“1.4.4”}

which was registered to one of my teammate on Bolt IoT workshop at IIT.

but i want to register it from my email. i tried

it gives
{“success”:“1”,“value”:“Registration attempted successfully
Visit for comfirmation
Registered device cannot be re-registered
User must unassign it first”}

but it is not showing in page.

Even if I try to connect from BOLT android app after tapping on Ready, app is keep on loading infinite times saying Please wait.

how can I connect my device to my cloud account ?

@hemantlader Your friend will have to unlink his/her device from the Bolt Cloud account first. Please check the instructions here to unlink the device:

I believe you have one of the older versions of Bolt so in case you face any issue let me know.

Hi @hemantlader,

Bolt IoT App is designed for your Bolt version-2 and it will not work for Bolt version-1.

Log in with your older cloud account (device owner account) and unlink the device from the account and then Update your Bolt Firmware and in the last step link your device to your account.

  • Connect your bolt to the internet enabled Wi-Fi network and type bolt_ip_address/update to update the bolt firmware version. For example-

  • After updating the bolt now try to register type bolt_ip_address/register?email=your_email_id

  • For example-

Also, check it this link helps Bolt Setup Debugging WiFi Connection

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Actually I don’t know him(teammate who has registered the device as owner) personally, we met at workshop only.
I can’t ask him to unlink the device I don’t have his contact info.

Is there any solution ?

Hi @hemantlader,

Please send your email id and device id to
We will unlink the device from the previous owner. Also, remove your device id from the forum.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

@rahul.singh or team, I too have the same case, can you please unlink my device as well so that i would re-register it. I am dropping mail to for the same. Please reply soon.