Re the innovation / capstone project

I have a few queries regarding the project. Would be grateful if you solve my doubt :smile:

  1. Is the project necessary to be completed in order to get the certificate, i.e. will I still be given the certificate if I don’t do this project.
  2. What should be the level of difficulty for this project. As in, do I have to use maximum components provided in the hardware kit? Or, is a simple project that covers all the topics related to IoT covered in the lessons enough?
  3. The last date for submission of the project is 31st December. So in case I submit after the date, will it not be mentioned in my certificate. Will the marks not be added to my final grades?

Seems silly but I really wanted to know.
Thank you in advance!

Hi, @Bharati
I Would be grateful if I able to solve your doubt :grinning:

  1. For Capstone Project you have to build temperature monitoring system, using the Bolt and LM35 sensor. For more detail Click Here
  2. Yes, Final Project is necessary to get the certificate as it carries 22 marks. For more detail Click Here
  3. You can create ANY project you want as long as it utilizes the Bolt module.
  4. There is no last date for submission of the Final Project . You have to submit it at the time of final exam.
  5. For IoT and ML Innovation Challenge , You must use the Bolt IoT WiFi Module, Do not copy the projects taught in the training or documented. You have to make your own project apart from this training as it is a prize based challenge. The last date for submission is 31st December for this project.It is not mandatory to participate in this challenge, If you want then build a unique project and win exciting prize. For more details Click Here.

Summary :

  • To get certificate you have to make two projects (Capstone + Final).
  • To participate in IoT and ML Innovation Challenge you have to build unique project.

Hope your doubts are resolved.

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@Bharati @sauravganguly359,

Please check this thread IOT Innovative challenge

Let me know in case you have any query.

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Thankyou so much, Your answer is really helpful!

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Thankyou so much.

So that means, I do not have to hurry up and finish the capstone and the final project and can also take the final test at my leisure?

@Bharati Yes. You only need to submit the Innovative project before December 31. You can take the final test for the certificate as per your convenience.

But it’s mentioned that capstone project is for self evaluation.Then why is it necessary for the certificate?
I think only the final project is necessary for the certificate.