React js will come in exam for certificate and internship

Sir, React js will come in exam for certificate and for internship.

Hi @rohitjain8594

or the web development training exam and internship tasks, only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript should be sufficient. Questions on React are not included in the test.

However as a best practice I would recommend you to learn all the concepts taught in the training as the exam questions might get updated in the future.

For this BOLT IOT internship the topics upto HTML,CSS, and JAVA SCRIPT only helps us to write the exam for certification the REACT.js in this internship only used to enhance our skills in the field of web development.

React.js can be beneficial for both the certificate exam and internship opportunities.

@rohitjain8594 Hii
The BOLT IOT certificate and internship contains only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. React.js used to enhance our skill in web development.