Reading different sensor values from same GPIO pin

Can we use same GPIO pin using breadboard to get 2 different sensor values which we can use in the function in any program?
ie- I have obtained LDR sensor value from A0 pin using a function. Can I obtain another LM35 sensor value from the A0 pin using breadboard which I can use in another function in the same program to execute both functions simultaneously??
Please help me with this . Thanks in Advance!!!

No, we can-not read two different sensor value from a single GPIO pin. The sensor will get confused from which sensor to take value and might not give accurate result or both the sensor.

Now, if you want to use two analog sensor as input on BOLT IoT device, it is not possible, as it has only one analog input pin i.e. “A0”. However, if you are using Arduino or other such product which has more analog input pin, varying from A0 to A5. In that case use LDR sensor on A0 and use LM35 on A1 and take input which will work fine.

Hope, this might solve your query. If you have any doubt I would try my best to help you out.

Thanks @harsh060910 for your reply. So that means using Arduino is the only choice i m left with to do the same or is there any possible option that i use only bolt and the work is done?

As bolt is having only one analog pin, I don’t think we can do it just using one Bolt Device.

Ok. Thank you @harsh060910 for helping me out .