Real world scenario

lets say if we are making any real world project with bolt module then how will power it up because it needs continuous power supply this is only possible by connecting external powerbank but this wont be feasible.So is there any other alternative???

You can use bread board and charged batteries. Like all our mobile phones run on battery power, likewise even boltIot module can be dependent on battery power supply

but then how will convert the wires in micro usb?? directly on wifi module can we insert positive and negative of battery??

@deepakgupta08112000 I’m not pretty good at electronics, but I know that can be made possible using bead boards.

me 2 from cse so lacking in electronics

I know that that can be made possible using bread boards. Just check the link below to learn more about breadboards

I use mobile battery for powering the bolt but after few hours if get empty .We also need charging the battery so we what charger .I were you i use both battery and power supply using bread board or with simple mobile charger.

But i have problem with powering the bolt i.e. when i use battery to powering the bolt then where i have fed the battery terminal . If fed with data cable pot there is more than two connecting dots so how i will connect .