Reconnecting a device

Sir, i had to remove my device from the cloud for some reason and now both the blue and green LED are stable and are glowing but now i’m not able to add my device to the cloud even though both the LED’S are glowing and stable. I even re-installed the app but still both the LED’s continue to glow and i’m not able to add the device to the cloud. Please tell me what to do?

Sometimes we miss something, it is better to repeat the whole process from the start and update the firmware version of your device by cloud {unlink the device from anything you have connected it to} I hope that solves your problem… :+1:

I have unlinked the device from my cloud already but the blue and green LED’s continue to glow. How can restart the process with both the LED’s still glowing? I want to again create the bolt iot hotspot and restart the process but even after unlinking both the LED’s continue to glow

Hi @gjain1_be19,

Is the green led on? If yes, it means your Bolt is connected to your wifi (phone’s hotspot or wifi network) network. Change the password of your phone’s hotspot and follow the setup process again. Check this video

Do let me know in case you need any other information.