Reconnection of Wi-Fi module

How to reconnect the Bolt Wi-Fi module to the Wi-Fi network once it was disconnected ?

Hi, I assume that you have first connected the bolt wifi module to the wifi and then disconnected it.
The process is similar as the first connection.
First go to the wifi settings of your mobile phone. Find the id related to bolt and then click on forget network. Later switch ON the wifi module and go to the Bolt mobile app and click on add device. Allow the permissions that the app asks and then select your wifi network.Then enter the password and press connect.
Walla!!! you are connected to the wifi.

Hiii… @ikshwak1234rockzz, I simply disconnected the USB Cable from the Bolt Module, so while reconnecting do I have to follow the entire steps starting from ‘Add Device’ in Mobile App. or is there any shortcut ?

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Hi @deeptanudatta , if you just disconnected the USB cable then no need to do entire process. what to do is simply power ON the wifi module and wait till both the led indicators becomes stable.
It means that the wifi module is connected to the wifi already configured.

ok @ikshwak1234rockzz Thank You. Let me try that. I will comment on what result I am getting in this post only

Hii…when you just disconnet the USB cable of wifi module there is no need to start the entire installation process. Just connect the usb cable power ON the wifi module.You can confirm this when blus light glows.Then coonect your Wifi module to a wifi hotspot and get in tio the Bolt App. Your device is connected when green light glows. Thats it…

Thank You @tharoon510 and welcome to the Bolt Forum Community

Once u done u will got to know that steps are simpler…u can easily connect

hii…@deeptanudatta,if you have disconnected only the USB cable then no need to follow steps from beginning to reconnect it…as soon as you connect the USB cable blue and green led will be stable and that shows your connections are successfully done

Thank You… @chandu. It worked

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Both of the blue and green light glows
Even though I’ve t conned it to my phone
What is the problem

If both the LEDs are glowing and is stable, that means you are good to go for practicals

Thank was helpful.

Hi @deeptanudatta ,
Make sure that you have connected your WiFi module as mentioned in the installation process i.e. connect your module to the power supply with USB cable. At the beginning blue led glows slowly and when we try to connect it with hotspot blue led glows faster and then become stable. if there is a connection the green led glows and become stable.
All the above process is done on Bolt android app .While reconnecting the module it will get connected automatically with the hotspot. If you want to change the hotspot you want to start from add device.