Refund Amount for the BoltIoT course purchased

I haven’t received my kit yet and have opted for a refund. May I know the time by which I shall get the refund of the amount paid. I have attached the photo of the message that popped up after the formalities were completed as per required. Please help.

Thank you for the information. But in this case, I haven’t received the hardware kit because of the unfortunate pandemic. So by when do, I get the refund amount as I have already applied for it.

But I have applied for the refund even before getting the kit so I am eligible for the refund but havent recieved the amount yet. That is my doubt.


Please read the message carefully. It clearly states that your refund can not be processed until your bank account details are verified.

Can you please tell me where exactly I have to verify my bank account details. Is there a link which exists where I can verify the details. Whenever I click on the “OK” option it does not lead me to any screen or gateway where I can verify my bank account details. Please do help.

@sbinod.10.11 Can you also please share a screenshot of the page before you click on the Not received refund button?