Refund for the Iot and ML training kit

I have enrolled for the IoT and ML training on 11/09/2021. I want to request for the refund. But it asks for the pickup date of the kit. I have received the mail regarding the shipment today but the blue dart tracking ID says they have no information regarding the same ID it says the reason might be that shipment is not yet handed over to Blue Dart. Please go through this before it gets shipped. How can I apply for a refund without knowing the pickup the date and also I have not yet received the kit. Order ID is #India40517. I want to cancel this order.
Here is the screenshot of the tracking details.

Thank you,
Deeksha P K


I will confirm with the team and let you know.

Yes please.
Thank you.

From the backend system, I can confirm that you were able to create a refund request.

Do let me know if you still need any help from our end.