Refund of the program

I am not interested in this program any more so i want to cancel it.
after refund i need my money back?

if you want to cancel the course you can go to the page where you have registered for the kit and there will be the option for refund .there is time limit for the be fast if u are not intrested

it is asking for the package delivered date but i have not received it yet also refund requirements say i have 1 day to refund.
as i have not received the package i don’t have the delivery date and so i cant refund it.
what should i do now??

I too have a similar issue. I bought the course today(28th july) but I’m not interested in it now. I tried selecting the refund option but it directs me back to the training page. Please do help me with this problem. I don’t want to exceed the time limit.

Hi @rishisherekar4, @1BY19AI028,

Please create the refund request from this link . Choose any date dummy date for pickup.

Note that after creating the refund request, it will take 10-15 days in refunding your amount.


Please share the screenshot of the error.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Please create the refund request from training page. Redirecting to the training page …
This is the message shown in the refund page for a few seconds and and soon directs me back to the training page.