Regarding Bolt Certificate

How “College Name” comes on certificate…as it is not there in our profile details… Then Where does it come on certificate ? Pls help me.

The Certificate does not include the college name, you will receive your certificate after completing the course. To get the certificate you need to complete all the tasks necessary. I hope you found this useful.

hello bro, the certificate will not include your college name . it will be the certificate provided by bolt for your training which consists of your name and assurity that you have successfully completed this training.but for this you have to complete all the required steps which is quoted in the training.

Your College name wouldn’t appear on your certificate, only your name would be written on the certificate. You also have to provide the duration of training like 1 or 2 months.

What’s wrong in Certificate ? Why Mob. No is coming after “Student of” ? What should I do ? Sir, Can you Edit it ? How ? Please reply.

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did they removed that phone number and provided a new certificate ?