Regarding bolt cloud server and data visualization

I have a few doubts regarding the cloud server for my project.first,let me explain abt the project–I want the code to regularly scan is the module has received any data through the UART pins form a arduino uno . then i the code should process that data, store it temporarily in some variables and add a data point to a chart object(from google chart library) with the values form the variables. and re-draw the chart to update the point.I will be uploading this as a html file to the bolt cloud and deploying the configuration to my bolt wifi module.To access(i.e., to view the chart) the html file, i will be using the monitor in the bolt cloud or the bolt app.
1)will the chart object get reset whenever a user opens/refreshes the page(through the bolt app/cloud)? if yes, then is there a way to prevent that.
2)can the chart data(present in the object)be stored in the servers or in some other cloud.if yes, how many can i store and in which format.(i want to store 1 chart at the end of the day).because i want to also access the data of previous days.
3)how can i download the stored data to my local system.
i hope you understood my questions.please help me out.@shoeb.ahmed @rahul.singh1 @vinayak.joshi
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Hello @deepa90prasad ,

  1. chart reading will never reset as many of time you refresh it OR unlink that product Or disconnect device OR even after adding new products. Reading has store on cloud for lifetime.
  2. Yes, you can access the data whenever u need it of desired period. look into an Image.

here I have found my previous period data.
3. then of course you can download it by clicking below button

and the downloaded data u can see in excel sheet like this.

Hope, this will solve all of ur daubts regarding cloud server.

I will be using a html file. Not plain js code. This will result in the ‘download’ and the data sorting options disappearing.

could someone please help me.
@rahul.singh1 @vinayak.joshi @shoeb.ahmed

Hi @deepa90prasad,

How does chart work?

  1. After configuring the product on Bolt Cloud, it keeps saving all your data from your device to the Bolt Cloud database.
  2. When you open the graph on Bolt Cloud, by default it fetches the last 6 hours of data from the Bolt Cloud and inserts that data into the Graph object.
  3. And each keeps refreshing the graph object every 10-15 seconds to fetch the lastest 6 hours of data.
  4. When you refresh, the graph object gets reset and it again shows the last 6 hours of data.
  5. To download the whole data, you can click on Download data form the graph page.

Plotting the graph on your server or any other cloud platform?

So Bolt Cloud provides the API to fetch the live data from your device. You can use these API on any server to fetch the data and you can build your own apps, websites, graph page, etc.

Check this project

Also, check the API for UART

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Thank you for replying Sir,
1)I am using a html file that is on my desktop. the js code in it regularly scans and updates it in the graph I am using google timeline chart. The chart works but everytime I refresh the page, the js variables get can i prevent this.
2)The download button only appears when I use .js in the code of the product. If I use .html it just hosts that webpage right? The above reply of yours is if I use javascript in the code of my product. I want to use my html page
hope you understood.kindly assist me in this.@rahul.singh1

Hey, Can you post your html code?