Regarding BOLT Module Repair

What if my bolt module is broken? What am i supposed to do?


In case the module was broken by you while mishandling then it can be replaced.
But if there are signs of intentional tinkering with the module, then you’ll have to buy a new module.

You can reach out here in the forum mentioning your issue with images. We’ll look into it and provide you with the best solution.

And, need not worry, there have been many replacements of the module due to manufacturing defect. We take full responsibility of those cases.

Thank you so much for the instant reply. I went into panic mode for real. And yes, it got broken while mishandling. How long will it take for the module to be replaced?


Share a picture of your Bolt Module here, once. So that it is clear what exactly is broken.

the pin where i am supposed to insert the us cable is broken


Write a mail to stating the broken port. Attach the image along with it.

It’ll be checked on next working day, i.e. monday and the replacement will be initiated.

Thank you so much. I will do the instructed. By the way, how many days will it the replacement process take?


Once it is approved, and shipped, it depends on the delivery service how long it takes to reach you. Could take a week or more.

Thank you. Will my module be replaced?


Mail Support team will confirm you with that.

Okay. Thank you for replying to my queries with patience. Thank you so much.

If my product is replaced, how much do i need to pay?


If the device is defective, the replacement will be free of charge. You will have to return the defective device.

Okay. Thanks for taking your time and replying.