Regarding buzzer connection using jumper wires in Project 4 exercise

I cannot understand how to connect the buzzer using jumper wires to the bolt wifi module.
I just visited all the previous doubts regarding this , but cannot understand how is the connection made , the jumping wire has pins on two sides, how can i connect them?
Please suggest me in this regard.

Hi, it’s basically the same as the previous project you build that is “controlling LED” the only difference is that in this you gonna have to use jumper wire/male and female wire. Talking about the connection you can c in the buzzer that there is one short and one long pin, in the jumper wire on one side you can put the buzzer pin inside it and on the other side, you can put it in the wifi module.

One more correction there is another wire having 3 pins from both sides call male to the
female wire.

This one in the image is a jumper wire, use male to female wire that has 3 pins on both sides.

Thank you for the clarification

Hi @guntimadhumitha.ucen,
There are 3 kinds of jumper wires:
1)Male to Male [pins on both sides]
2)Female to Female [sockets on both sides]
3)Male to Female [pin on one side, socket on the other]

The one in the picture attached by you are Male to Male Jumpers. What you probably are looking for are male to female Jumper cables.

Another option is to use a breadboard and put the Buzzer on it and then use male to male jumper cables.

Do let me know if you need any other help.

Hi,In the pic u have sent,they are male to male jumper wires but to connect buzzer with bolt module ,the wires should have one socket and one pin then it will be possible to make connection .so it is better to use male to female jumper wires.

@preethi.mekala2003 @raghav.srivastava @shivalikyougal392 Thank you for the clarification , I will use male to female jumper wires

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And lastly please don’t connect resistor with it.

Pl can anyone send a pic of the final connections? :grinning:

Hi @vijayolivefloor,
Please do the following connections in case you want to connect your buzzer to your bolt.

GND(Ground) of the buzzer → GND of the Bolt Module
VCC(Positive) of the buzzer → Any digital GPIO pin on the Bolt(Pins 0,1,2,3,4)