Regarding capastone project

Suddenly my temperature sensor started showing constant values. The temperture is not varying.I didn’t do the Capstone project yet.
Is this project considered for certification test?
What should I do now?

Hi @K.S.G.Subhasree,

Please share the image of your Bolt to LM35 connection and also share the screenshot of your code. Also share the screenshot of the output.

Temperature monitor

output graph

Hi @K.S.G.Subhasree,

Please check the connection between gnd pin of the Bolt WiFi module and the sensor.

The issue you are facing happens when you connection is loose or something of that sort. But the issue is generally with the GND connection.

The connections are proper.
Again i connected using bread board then the values were comming in single digit.
And when i connected using the jumping wires the values was 100 again.

Hi @K.S.G.Subhasree,

This is probably because the Blue wire has an internal cut.

Try using the Green wire for the gnd connection and the blue wire for the 5V connection. You will realise that the sensor value drops to 0. If the sensor value does drop down to 0, it will confirm that the Blue wire is faulty.

Once you confirm the fault, you can send an email to, if your kit is still under warranty period, they will have the wires replaced.

As you said I rearranged the connections sir but still the sensor value shows 100.

Why did I get single digit values such as 4.06,5 when I connected using bread board?