Regarding Capstone Project

hi everyone,
at tym of Capstone Project in which our instructor says that make a temp. monitoring system using bolt iot Cloud
However, when we make such project using python in linux it contains 2 code files one for detecting the temperature and second one for sending alert if temp crossed threshold.
now my qns is instead of linux server when we use Bolt Cloud how I write the code for two different operation, bolt iot Cloud allow only one code but project required 2 code.

Simple, add both into the same code. You can’t detect an anamoly in the temperature without first detecting it anyways. So yeah, one python file can do the job.

In Capstone project there is two objective:-
So 1st is for temperature monitoring and doing graph prediction…this will be java script code written on
bolt cloud and the frame size in graph visualisation should be set 4 so it can predict temperature 20 minutes in future.

2nd is to detect temperature every 10sec and send alert if temperature pass the set thereshold or on any anomaly detection…
this code will be python code written on virtual private server(vps).

so there is no link between both the code they will work separately.

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