Regarding certificate and Internship

I had done my course now how to get certificate and Internship that was mentioned while enrollment in web development??

Instructions for the exam


Please read all the instructions carefully before proceeding.

  1. Please keep the ‘Course access code’ which you had used to get the training access ready with you. It is a 30 digit alphanumeric code. If you don’t have the code then please check the previous section of this training.
  2. The test can be given only ONE time. Please do not give the test if you have not completed the course or have not built a project/answered questions on
  3. In the exam, you will need to,
  4. Paste two links for questions that YOU have answered on This question carries 8 marks in total.
  5. Paste the link for the project that you have made on the Bolt Cloud and any video that you have made for your project on Bolt IoT. This question carries 22 marks. The project on the Bolt Cloud is mandatory, and the video is not manadatory. You can submit a project and a video link or just the project link. Only submitting a video link will not be accepted.
  6. Remember to follow the guidelines given in the previous lesson .
  7. Please keep the links with you BEFORE you start the exam. You can paste the links in a word processing software like notepad/MS Word etc. before you start the exam and then paste the links in the exam when asked for it.
  8. These questions will be graded by us after the test is submitted. The points for these questions will not be awarded immediately. Once the question has been graded by us, it will reflect in your result.
  9. Please do NOT go to any other tab or open a new page while giving the exam. Doing so may cause the test to be invalidated. Keep the links to the forum answers and the Bolt Cloud project ready and saved in notepad or some other similar software before starting the test. You can then paste it in the test when asked for it.
  10. The test is MCQ based and has 38 questions with a time limit of 45 minutes. The time starts when the first question is displayed on the screen.
  11. Please read the points available for the question before answering them. Negative marks will NOT be awarded for an incorrect answer.
  12. You CANNOT pause the test once it has started. Please ensure that your internet and electricity connection is stable.
  13. The certificate for completion will only be generated when you pass the exam with the minimum criteria i.e. 50% points.
  14. The final marks and certificate will be available to you within 7 working days from the point of submission of the exam via email. Usually we send the certificate within 3 working days, but in case if the number of exams to grade are a lot, then we will take slightly longer time.
  15. Once we have graded the questions, you will receive an email from us with the subject “Bolt IoT test result”. Check your inbox and SPAM folder before raising a query with support.
  16. Please enter your first, last name and institution/college name as you want it to be printed on the certificate. In case of long names(>25 characters), please use the initials. For example, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai can be shortened to IIT, Mumbai.
  17. You can also choose the duration to be shown on the certificate in months. You can choose between 1 or 2 months duration.
  18. In case of any dispute, please send an email to with the question screenshot and any other required material.