Regarding certificate and tutorial

how can i receive my certificate. having trouble accessing tutorials

hey @kasturevaibhav02
you need to give certification test to get your certficate of this course as per the instructions of submission given in the training course.
After giving test you’ll get certificate within 7 working days via email.

Good Luck!


To access your training, please visit and follow the instructions to access the training.

Good morning sir. I have completed the course and certification exam but i did not receive any mail regarding my certificate. Please tell me how to avail my certificate.

If you have completed your exam and not received any mail yet.
then, you can send your query to
they’ll help you regarding your certificate.

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hello @smiledd910, Glad to know that you have completed your certification exam.
It will take some time or even days for your generation of certificate through email.

Okay sir. Thank you.How will I know any information about my certificates?

Does bolt support only digital certificates

You will recieve your certificate in your Email.If you have any query about your certificates and their status, you can send a query in If you want offline certicate then you need to order and pay for it.

1.At first you have to complete your tutorials,quiz and some projects given at the end of each chapters.
2.While working on the projects or when u get doubts regarding the chapters u go through kindly check for the doubts in the forum and help the other mates if u know to give solution and this is compulsary.
3.Then work on a project from what u learnt in this module and post your work in
4. While attending the test keep the links of the doubts u solved in the forum along with the project link you published in the website.
5. After submitting these links you can have your certification exam.
Do well!! all the best!!

Will u help me regarding exm… which type of ques in exm nd time duration for exam

hey @navedkhanstudy
There’ll be mcqs type questions based on what you have studied during training course.
The test is MCQ based and has 38 questions with a time limit of 45 minutes. The time starts when the first question is displayed on the screen.
also please go throgh instructions for exam in the training course.

Good Luck!