Regarding certificate exam

How to make final project for exam?

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Hello @sanjanashakya27731
As part of the certification exam, you will be required to create a project using the Bolt module on and submit the link for it when asked in the exam.

You can create ANY project you want as long as it utilizes the Bolt module. Projects which do not make use of the Bolt module will not be awarded any marks. You can use any other board along with the Bolt module for your project, e.g. Bolt + Arduino, Bolt + Raspberry Pi etc.

The hackster project submission for the exam is NOT related to the Capstone project submission. The Capstone project is for self-evaluation only.

You can visit the Bolt IoT’s Hackster page to view the projects created by the community and get some inspiration for your project. You can choose to create a project which has already been created by someone else, but please DO NOT plagiarize the content. Plagiarization will fetch you ZERO marks. You will need to create the project content yourself.

The project submission carries 22 marks and is judged according to the following criteria -

  1. Originality - Points will be awarded for originality of the project. If your project utilizes unique sensors or has a unique/different method of explaining the concept of the project etc., you will get more marks.
  2. Content - More points will be awarded if you have explained the content so that anyone reading the project can understand how to recreate the project. If you have shot a video explaining the working of the project, remember to add it to the project with the content.

Projects which fulfill the above criteria can be selected to be showcased on the Bolt IoT’s social media channels. In addition you can also get a Certificate of Excellence for your project if it is really good. The certificate issuance will be at the sole discretion of Bolt IoT.

Video submission is not mandatory for the project, but it will fetch you more marks if done correctly. If you have shot a video of the project, please attach it in the project itself.

Do have a look at these two projects for an idea on what fetches you FULL marks for the project.

  1. Automated Light Monitoring system -
  2. Trash Talker -

Do’s -

  1. Document your project very clearly.
  2. Attach pictures and videos of the project.

Dont’s -

  1. Submit projects which do not explain the concept clearly. Such projects get very low marks.
  2. Submit projects which are incomplete, i.e. lack content. Such projects get very low marks.
  3. Submit projects which are directly plagiarized. Such projects will get ZERO marks. You can create a project which has already been done before, but the content and explanation should be different.
  4. Submit project links in which the project is not publically accessible.
  5. Submit a PDF link of the project. You only need to send the link of the project.
  6. Submit a project link which only has a video. You will need to add text content along with the video.

Please go to this link( to view a tutorial on how to create a good quality project that will fetch you good marks. Remember to create a project with similar guidelines in order to get good marks.

you need to read the instructions carefully and you can visit in this and you can get some model projects according to that you can do your project accordingly you need to give your project as documentation this is also available in it.topic,description,components,story,steps,code,schematic diagram and you can post it

Hi, as a part of certification exam you have to make a project using Bolt module on and you have to copy the link of your project on notepad. Because in exam you have to submit the link of project.
Project should be made using Bolt Module otherwise you will not get any mark on project.