Regarding ChartLibrary in Data Visualization

Can we use any other free ChartLibrary apart from google charts in Data Visualization programming code ? If Yes, please mention the alternatives.

Yes there are some Data visualization tools available other than Google Charts. You can find them in the link below:

Can we use these tools in the bolt data visualization code ?


@riyadichwalkar01 No, the Bolt visualization can only happen via the commands mentioned in the Data visualization section of the docs.

If you want to visualize the data via a different software, you can download your data as a CSV and then use a different software to visualize it.

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Hi . @riyadichwalkar01,

Bolt Cloud provides Bolt Cloud API. Using Bolt Cloud API, you can fetch the data on your server and you can using any graph library to plot the graph.

See this project

In the above project I am using for plotting thr graph.

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Thanks for this information. It useful