Regarding coupon code

I have purchased the Artificial Intelligence Training with which I got the Placement preparation training for free. I got the mail related to it but didn’t get the coupon code with it. So please look into this issue.

Hi @komaldeegwal2 To avail the free training, open AI training and go to important information lecture, there is a option to enter email address. Enter the email id through which you purchase the training .
Do let me know if it helps you.

I did do that but haven’t got any reply yet!

Hi, @komaldeegwal2 share me your mail id.

@himanshu.arya I haven’t got any mail yet!

Hi @komaldeegwal2 I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We have fix the issue now you can visit the link Bolt Cloud
Do let us know if you are not able to see training.