Regarding Course Access and Deadline

Is there any deadline to the IoT and ML course because I have been busy for the past few months and unable to complete the course as of yet?

The dead is not specified in the course but as it says that you have to paste the links of your project that you have made by 1 june when the link will be provided.

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Hi @desayan9
No, there isn’t any deadline to the IoT and ML course. It has a life time access, so you can complete it at any pace you like and can take the certification test once you feel that you are 100% ready for it.
I hope this news make you feel better.
All the best.

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Hey @desayan9. There is no limit or deadline for the completion of Bolt Iot an ML training course. You can study all the concepts as long and as many times you want and then you can give the final certification test when you are totally confident. I recommend to try making as many projects as possible and studying the Bolt Docs before giving the certification test.
All course material and resources will be available to you even after completion of the full course.

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Hi.There is no deadline for this online Iot & ML training course.
It’s your choice when you complete the course.But I suggest you in this lock down period you utilize your time to more skill or trained on IOT & ML. So keep learning & stay safe.

Thank you.

There is no such deadline for this training. I will suggest you that try to learn from scratch and then implement it in this training. Try to make more projects while studying and read full Bolt IoT docs available in your training before giving certification test.