Regarding Creating Of Digital Droplet in Digital Ocen

friends,I want full details regarding creating of Digital droplet.
I already completed registration of digital ocean successfully.
now,I will have doubts in the way of creating droplet.
Friends the above mentioned queries in filling the form for creating digital droplet,I’m troubling so much.
please help me FRIENDS.


  1. Choose an image - 16.04.6 (LTS) x64
  2. Choose a plan - Basic $5/month
  3. Add block storage - Default setting
  4. Choose a datacenter region - Bangalore
  5. VPC Network - No VPC
  6. Select additional options - Default settings.
  7. Authentication - Choose password instead of SSH keys while creating the network.
  8. Add tags - keep it empty or you can assign any random text.
  9. Backup - Not required.
  10. Project - Default value

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

I have done the same, even though the create button is inactive! It still asks to create a root password.

If you have a problem in buying a digital ocean.or if your system is not supporting Linux software.
I have another way to, follow the steps
1.Install Anaconda using this link, this is a free open source software.
2.Go to Anaconda and click inside jupyter Notebook(You can type the python code in jupyter notebook).
3.type this
python -m pip install <package> in the package area you should type what package you want eg: python -m pip install boltiot.
4.If you have an problem in installing the packages visit this website:
5.By following these steps, you will not need to buy a digital ocean account or to setup the Virtual Machine

Thank you ,Hope this helps you!!

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You’re doing great. Follow the steps to activate the create button

Make sure your show password does not start and ends with uppercase. The password must contains uppercase, numbers n lower cases. Try by seeing following format

(Start with lower case and use upper case in middle of th password and also use numbers end with lower case.)

Best of luck

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