Regarding cupon code expired problem

Actually i bought a bolt IOT module kit 1 month back and make the setup everything fine and use it good and i almost finished 60 percent of course .Till day before yesterday i accessed the course very smoothly by entering the username and password only but till yesterday my course module is does not opening for me it shows the error message as "The coupon code is expired "like that .I will try to attach the screen shot of that .I tried to open in both desktop and mobile but its showing the same info as coupon code is expired.
What can i do now ?? Why it is comming like that for me?? I paid correctly and accessed till day before yesterday.

My email id is :
Mobile number: 9942446325

As a matter of fact, even I had experienced the same issue earlier. It was when I tried to go to the course via the Bolt Cloud. Go to this link and login to access the training directly.
It had worked for me.

Hope my answer was helpful.
All the best!! :+1:

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Thanks for the answer …i reset my password once now its working in the link which you preferred and i got the same timeline where i stopped

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Sir my problem is same but above link click doesn’t open my course