Regarding data upload on bolt cloud

I want to ask that when data of sensor is uploaded on the bolt cloud this is the data is recorded on the end of 5th minute? and if yes w I can do to get the data of every second or, if I wish to get alert the the data recorded is higher than certain value what can I do for that?

Yes the data of the sensor gets uploaded at intervals of 5 minutes and it is by default the shortest duration provided. If you want to get data of every second then configure your device continuously. However, being practical light intensity actually doesn’t changes evey second, so the time duration provided by default (5 min) is valid.

for light I know it but if I am working with different sensor whose data keeps changing every second then I want to know the solution for it

I just did some searching in the docs section and I think perhaps the default time for all projects is 5 min as the shortest interval but I cannot say it surely as I haven’t completed the training yet. I think there will be a way out and I will surely inform you once I know the same.

With the basic Bolt Cloud account, the highest data collection rate is 5 minutes. To get higher rates, you have to upgrade your account to Bolt Cloud Pro.
However, using the Bolt python library you can achieve rates in seconds.
The threshold is 20 hits per minute (i.e. 3 seconds). If you continue to use rates higher than 3 seconds for one minute, your access to the device will be blocked for 6 hours. If you still want to use such higher rate, you’ll have to buy Pro account.

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