Regarding digital ocean login

i am rishavraj of order id “#India21160”. actually i have completed my 75% of my course and when i was working on my next project for “Project 9: Sending an SMS when Temperature Crosses Threshold”
then it was mentioned to Login into the putty by entering the IP address of your digital ocean when i was login to that they was asking bank details. so i want to know about that further what to do.

They will ask your card details just for safety. You need to enter the details to use the server. But they will not deduct any amount from your account until one month. You need to complete the usage of digital ocean droplet within that time. After completion of the course you need to clear all your data from the site so that you will not be charged.Only cards that accept international transactions are to be used for this.
Otherwise you can use Ubuntu VMware software to complete the course.