Regarding final Capstone project

While proceeding with the capstone project, it is necessary to keep the micro controller inside the refrigerator. But my doubt is regarding how to power the controller. While sensing room temperature, the device was powered using a USB cable connected to the laptop. So how will the device be powered while kept inside the fridge?

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Hello ! I will suggest ,put your laptop on the fridge & keep the wifi module inside the fridge.

Any other suggestions?


You can use the power bank also.

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you can plug in your usb cable to an adapter and plug that into an extension. The extension can be plugged into a socket outside and the sensor can be kept inside the fridge. You can keep your laptop outside as well.
Hope this helps!

If you have made the capstone project.So, please … Can you explain me the objectives of points and how it can be done. The points are “C”, “E” and “F”.

“With this objective in mind, Mr. Nigel managed to satisfy the first condition set by the Government. Using the prediction data, he was able to take early action, whenever the graph predicted that the temperature would be maintained within the -33 and -30 degrees Celsius range for longer than 20 minutes”------- This is point. C.

E . Using the reading that you received in the 2 hours, set boundaries for the temperature within the fridge.

F. Write a python code which will fetch the temperature data, every 10 seconds, and send out an email alert, if the temperature goes beyond the temperature thresholds you decided on in objective “E”.

Using a power bank is best and last option to do so , well my power bank stopped working a few days back so i m thinking to connect otg to my mobile phone and plug module with reverse charging. M confused with project tough

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As same what we did for email alerts when temp. crosses our desired limits, in case of setting limits for our fridge , we can do with min 10 degree or less and max 16 degree or so …the point c says the same that in industry temp is -33 but in fridge it is not possible so set limits accordingly.
i hope it helps.

U mean to say using maximum_limit=-30
and minimum_limit=-33.

your fridge cannot go to " - " put values like winter season thats what i can say

Ohh… Thanks man… Iam doing it from yesterday but still not getting it properly that’s why I didn’t understand what you said by the way thanks again.

ohh well thats very confusing tough… in the example we are said that the company gets the environment very cool like ice which is around -33 degrees very cold, but we are said that we need to use fridge but fridge cannot go in -33 degrees …so what we can do is set the max and min limits around 5 degrees and 10 degrees or less than that in our code .

Who has made this experiment at home? It looks interesting to me but somewhat difficult to understand and repeat. I am looking for someone from my zip area and it is We can make a team for such and similar experiment. What do you think about this idea? I would love to find some companions for cooperation. Actually, I have many other ideas of this kind on my mind. Contact me if you are interested.

Use power bank also.