Regarding HTML programming language

shall we have to learn full HTML or the lecture which have been in course are sufficient for IOTandML???

I’m also just going through the course, but I think the lectures have given us the basic functions required for this course. For further complex projects, we might require more in depth knowledge of HTML, which we can get online and also WWW documentation.

I went through the whole HTML section and the information which is provided is sufficient for writing programs . Although you might get a little bit confused in between with few tags like some tags have id and some don’t and some other issues . If you feel confused at any point then I suggest you visit Codecademy and try learning Introduction to HTML. They provide in detail notes and also make you code at the same time. Its free I’ve done it myself. But I guess there is nothing huge that’s left out , the given lectures are enough.
If you wish to master HTML then it might not be sufficient… for that you need to practice and learn a lot but for IOT purpose you just need to know the basics perfectly.
Hope this helps.

they are teaching us only the basic concepts of html and js, there are many things to learn, but it is enough, if you follow bolt iot instructions for html for creating simple on and off projects. if you want to build your own project you have to learn various concepts and techniques to upgrade your project to next level…

the information provided by the bolt training is sufficient to biuld the projects but if you wish to explore more about html you can visit w3schools website where you can learn in depth about html and can get hands on it

The lectures covered in the bolt training are sufficient to build the iot projects and you don’t need to learn the full HTML course for iot.
You can learn HTML to improve your knowledge as well as to improve and to make your web page look attractive.

i think the basic required knowledge of html programing is covered in the course which you will required throughout the course and if you want to learn more about html you might look it for some other html course which will definately help you for building new iot projects.