Regarding html tags on image tag


i wrote code for image to upload on website, when i opened the folder with browser my image is not visible on the website.


@vnarasimha.ipm Have you uploaded the images to a particular directory in your source code?
Usually, programmers upload all their static files to a specific folder like static and then use the path in their HTML code.
It would be better if you can send the HTML code that you have written. Please check if the file path is also correct.


The browser isn’t displaying the image maybe due to faulty code. The instructions, src is attribute of the image tab.
There could be syntax error, you could try putting the image in the same folder as your html docs

Just an example like if image name:src=“your pic.gif” instead of src=“yourpic.gif”
or Wrong extension: src=“yourpic.jpg” when your image is a gif… yourpic.gif.

You must specify the browser EXACTLY where to find the image.

A proper src is either a relative url or a full url that begins with http://

Hope it helps!!