Regarding Internship Certificate

I have done my online training and still, I don’t receive any internship Certificate as well as it has been more than 30 days and I still don’t get any updates through email.
Please look into this matter because I want to submit my internship certificate to College.
I hope I will get a good response from them as soon as possible.

Thank You


Which internship are you referring to? Which training have you taken?

Might be taking time to reviewing your project work since it carries marks which is part of your training. So just wait until then. or else write a mail for the same for support team. THANK YOU!

@akshayan.sinha It is about the Online Training “Internet of Things and Machine Learning”


I’ll take your query to the team.

Will let you know of the updates by tomorrow’s EOD.


Have you submitted your TASKS in the form link?

@akshayan.sinha Hello,
Yes, I have submitted all the tasks!


As it is mentioned, the internship certificate will be provided, if the tasks are approved, I’ll check with team for your updates.

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I had sent link to given mail id .when will result come ??

@chaudharysuyashsriva Your project has been graded. Please check your email for feedback regarding the same.

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Hi @pushpala76,

Can you please elaborate on your issue in a new post?

Your query is regarding the certification exam question right?

Hello sir I had finished exam and got low marks and they told to finish the other questions I had finished that questions and sent to the given mail id.when will the results come ?


I have taken forward your request, your result will be updated very soon.

Thanks for your Response @BoltIot Team

Your project has been graded. Please check your email for feedback regarding the same.

Hi @pushpala76 ,

The submitted links you have submitted does not meet the requirements, as there is no valid answer on the posts.

Please resubmit the appropriate forum links with a valid answer to any query, and the project to

I didn’t answered anything on forum what to do what I should do

Can u say how to submit the link


Once you have answered any query on the forum, copy the link by clicking on the :link: icon below your post. And mail that link to

You have to send 2 such links, to receive marks on the respective questions.

Your answers must be valid and should be replied to anybody asking the query, instead of replying to someone who has answered it. Make sure to recheck which post you’re replying to.

For any further queries, do let me know.

Sir I submitted two links on mail id when is the results sir