Regarding internship(without stipend) project by boltiot

can we use Gemini Api or google ai studio to build this project or is it compulsory to use OpenAI platform only. please kindly let me know.

also I have selected 8week of time period for the project, so am I supposed to do two projects for internship or only one.

please kindly let me know.

Hi @fatakkc21.instru

Please use only Open AI platform to do the project since the boltiotai library is only compatible with OpenAI. Make sure you are using the boltiotai library and API key generated from bolt trainings website. Detailed instructions are provided in the course.

If you have selected 8 weeks as time period for your internship then you have to submit 2 projects. You can choose any 2 problem statements from the tasks provided in the “guaranteed internship section”

If you need any further assistance please feel free t reach out to us.