Regarding internships

I have completed my training and I have not recieved any information regarding internships what should I do??

you can check your mails. they’ll send you information regarding internship via mail.

@chandbud5 Depending on your projects and the score of your final test, you may receive an internship invite.
You can also use the certificate at the end of the training to improve your resume so that you are eligible for more internships outside of Bolt IoT.

When do they send email ? Can you tell in number of days ,that would be helpful.

Which course have you taken? IoT and ML training or Web Development?

I have completed the IoT and ML training course and got the certificate today . I have scored 92% . Can you please tell me how should I proceed ?

Keep checking your mails regularly. They will mail you. I got the internship mail even when my course was incomplete.
Best of luck.

Hi @ramdmude3061,

I am inviting @ashwin.salgaocar. He will replying to you by today EOD.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@ramdmude3061 If you have completed the training and passed the certification exam, then you should check the next topic in the training which is the Assured Internship. The instructions and links to submit your project are present in that topic.

Hello @ashwin.salgaocar Sir and @rahul.singh1 Sir , I have read the next topic of assured internship , but in that I will be given the certificate of internship and not actual internship , correct?

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