Regarding intsalling VMware

As ,i have windows 10 in my laptop so it safe to install VMare or virtualbox… it will not harm my latop or change any current default setting. as i have purchased it recently so i dont’t want to take a risk can anyone suggest who is using it…
and i also want to know which one is best digital ocean ,VMare and virtual box among all three so i proceed my training…

Don’t worry, they are just 3rd party software applications for your device. You can uninstall them safely whenever you want.
As of which of them is the best? DigitalOcean is free for a limited time and you will have to make sure to delete your account, else they will charge you for it after the free subscription period.
To choose between VMWare and Virtual box, see this and choose what works best for you.

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      *For the First part of your question*

Creating a Virtual environment won’t affect your host OS if you want you can even separate the IP address of your host OS from the guest OS(i.e. the OS on your VMware, Virtualbox etc.) By going to the settings of that environment and going to settings -> Network Adapter -> Bridged, this will help in assigning different IP address of host and the guest OS (you can verify this by typing IP config on command terminal of both the host and guest OS). So it’s safe for you to create a Virtual environment on your laptop since, changes on your guest OS won’t affect the host OS.

    *For the 2nd part of your question*

VMware Workstation is paid would cost you around 249 US dollars to buy the product. Whereas VMware player is free. Virtualbox is an open-source application in which you can run multiple environments simultaneously. But if you’re thinking of connecting external devices to the virtualbox environment you’ll have to buy their plugin for connecting external devices.
I would say give virtualbox a try since it’s an open source so won’t cost you a dime to install it and I’ve personally used it, if you don’t like it then you’re free to uninstall it any time.

Disclaimer: I’m not endorsing any softwares here just sharing my view

I guess all the 3 softwares are safe…I have installed VMware software…It is amazing…It didnt harm my laptop as well…The links for installation of the software is given under the module and the procedure is also very nicely explained in the video…so watch that video and do follow the same procedure…you wont get any problem…I hope your doubt is cleared…feel free to ask again…Thank you…!!