Regarding linux os

As i have windows10 in my laptop but in the training they tell us about linux os so i want to know that , futher in the training it have any use or not.or what i do does it have any usefullness…

Hi @ssaryas99,

The course extensively makes use of linux, and linux will be useful for you in the future as well.

But you do not need to uninstall windows10 from your laptop to do the course.

The course has insturctions on how to use virtual box and vmware to run linux on top of the windows system.

Linux definitely going to help you in the future.
Install Linux along with windows. It’s known as dual boot. use this

Linux is usually preferred because of its security, consistency and flexibility it offers. Although the IoT Products that will be created can be managed and run through Windows but its much easier through Linux.

The future products that you create; the use of Linux OS would actually depend upon the type of products created and what purpose does it serve i,e, say if you are dealing with multiple users or clients, etc…, Thus I would still recommend you to try Linux as its much easier and more efficient.

There is no need to uninstall your current OS to install Linux, You could either Dual Boot (when you turn ON your PC you get an option to select which OS you want to boot into ) your PC or Run the Ubuntu Server OS in a Virtual Machine on your current PC through VMware or Virtual Box. Thus allowing you to use both windows and Linux at the same time.