Regarding LM35 sensor, I have getting error as no module like boltiot

I am getting error after running the code in putty console after the process of LM35 sensor as no module named ‘boltiot’,I am getting.
Please help me friends to run the code successfully.
My project no:9
I am attaching code and error screen shots while I running the code.

Please help me friends fastly,because I am stucking here by past one month.
please help me friends:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Did you install the Bolt Python Library? If not type these commands and install it before running the program again
sudo apt-get update
sudo pip3 install boltiot

After doing that,I am getting as command not found friend.

Please help me to solve this.

Before installing the boltiot package, you need to install the pip
Use the following commands to install pip
sudo apt-get -y update
sudo apt install python3-pip
Then install the boltiot using
sudo pip3 install boltiot

ya ,friend I did that,after that it came.but after getting result it again showing,‘e’ is not defined.

please help me to sove this friend.

remove the command print(e) in the code
The error is due to that line in the code
if not indent the line as it should be in the except block

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The print(e) line should be in the except block…
Please move print(e) under the print(“Error occurred: below are the details”) line.

It should be like shown below:-

except Exception as e:
print(“Error occurred: Below are the details”)