Regarding of creating hyperlink using html

I’m getting the simple text rather than getting the hyperlink of visit our website.

use the tag to make your work done
Click Here

Can you please share your code?

No,I not getting in blue color.Again I getting as Simple text.Please help me.

and I am getting output as below:
visit our simple text not as a hyperlink.
Thanks for u r reply.:grinning::grinning
due to my laptop problem,I unable to open these days.Now only it is in good condition.that’s why it became late for reply.

sorry for late reply as my laptop is in problem.
thank u

please help to solve it.

instead of <p> tag use <a> tag and also check your website link which is wrong. it will be https not htpps

Use this Code:
<a href=""> Visit Our Website</a>

Output will be
Visit Our Website

thank you very much sajjidansari.
your solution helped me.:grinning::grinning::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i too have the same problem i m not getting the hyperlink just the normal text. I have written the code correctly.

Hi @abdurrazzaq1997,

Your code seems fine to me. Can you open this page on chrome and click on Visit Bolt IoT Website text and check if it is redirecting to the boltiot iot website.

Also record a video and share the public link of the video.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Try to rename your html file name to “learning.html”

sorry for the late reply sir. I tried it but i m not getting a hyperlink

You have wrongly typed href. Instead of herf replace it with href

thank you for identifying my mistake