Regarding passing marks

Do we need to score 50% marks in mcq only? Or our total should be minimum 50%? The total includes mcq test,project link as well as questions answered on bolttiot.

The total includes mcq+ project + link for forum ans. If this total = 100 marks. You need to get 50%( that is 50 marks) to pass the whole course. :smile:

to get the certificate the certificate you have to do the following tasks.

  1. answer an MCQ test which carries 70% weight
  2. shoot a project video of the final capstone project or any other IoT project that you build with Bolt and share it with us for review which carries 22%
  3. answer any two questions asked by other students on and share the link for the same at the time of submission of the test. This will carry 8% weight.

after completing all this, you should score at least 50% in total

Hi, To Get certificate, first you have to go through all the videos and documents of the online training. There will be an Exam at the end, in which you have to score more than 50% of the total marks.
This Exam has,

  1. MCQ test- which carries 40% weight
  2. You have to Paste the link for the project that you have made on .This carries 40% weight.
  3. You have to paste any two links for questions that you have answered on .This carries 20% weight