Regarding project and their links

My name is Konduri Bharath and I’ve completed the IoT and ML course. Now I’m ready to take up the certification exam of this course, but I’ve few doubts before attempting the exam. First one, in the course they’ve mentioned that we’ve submit the links of any two projects given in the course. So where I can get those links. Second one is about the hackster project, in this one they’ve told us to submit only one link and in this link the content should be also there along with the project. But I’ve wrote the content in google docs. So is it fine to submit the link of google docs or else we’ve to submit any other link of this hackster project. I kindly request you to look into this matter because I want to take up the exam as soon as possible.

Hi @bharathkonduri37,

Check this thread Regarding the Final Project

Do let me know in case you need any other information.