Regarding project submission

How to submit our project and what are the procedures to be followed to get certificate ?

The capstone project is not related to the project for the certification it is just for your understanding and of course you can submit the same in the exam but you wont get additional marks for it.

If you need to get high marks in the exam you should do a project of your own and upload it to Hacksterand when you take the exam you have to give this link of your project that you have done of our own to gain High marks.

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can we paste the drive link of documentation in final exam. where I did in word?

Hello Sathiya, To submit your project you have to go to the “Project Ideas” tab at the bottom left of the Home page after your successful login or you can also visit “”.Now, a new tab will be opened and you will see the " Submit your Project " tab at the top right corner of the page from where it will redirect you to a new page as “WordPress”. Click on the " + New " tab at the top and an Editor will be open where you can make your project documentary and click on “Publish” after completion.
or Visit this link to make clear .“”.

Remember to post at least two answers at “” and a good project without Plagiarization ready for the exam to get a certificate.
Thank you.

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