Regarding the certificate and project submission

Resected sir/madam,
Hi I have enrolled the course Bolt IOT & ML it is showing that last date for submitting the project is 31st December and I have my semester exam. so I couldn’t able to submit the project in time and without the without the project I couldn’t get the certificate. Can you give permission. so can I start the course after completing my semester exams. after that I can submit the project and i can able to complete the course.

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you have to do the seperate project, it should be your own

Hi @kondeti.venkatakiran,

The last day to submit the Innovation Challenge project is on the 31st of December and it’s just a challenge. It is not mandatory to participate in the challenge.

You have lifetime access to the training and you can complete it anytime.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

31st december ,that you have seen is the last date for Iot and ML innovation challenge. you can start the course after you semester exams since this course can be accesed anytime.

sir i am not getting how to submit the last project


Can you elaborate? What kind of doubt do you have?