Regarding twilio

it asks for permissions
1)allow to send or receive sms
2)can receive incoming calls
3)can send receive multimedia files

can anyone tell how it is safe to give such permissions to a US BASED COMPANY and permission to the US phone number

It is okay to grant permission to the number generated by twilio

but it is clearly seen that we are giving these permission on our own risk. isn’t it?

It’s Ok It’s Safe to give the permissions

ok i will give ,but i don’t understand why they ask for such things,what they will do of these.

Twilio simply helps you to send alert messages just like how you may have received spam messages from different shopping malls or restaurants. So dont worry to register your number on this and you are buying a number thats free of cost there is no hacker system involved here as you have a unique Authentication Key as well…

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thanks for explaination.
can you also explain me in detail about the permissions they ask for ,all people like me will get a clear idea about such things.