Regarding ubuntu

hey i am struck at project 6.i am unable to ind what is ubuntu server and how to login and couldnt move forward as i was struck regarding ubuntu server

hello, can you say clr actually where u r facing the problem. It will be more easy to understand with the help of some images.

Hey @yeshwanthg6 , the course uses Digital Ocean Servers to connect to the Bolt module. In our case the server runs on Ubuntu O.S. The Steps for login are mentioned in the VPS(Virtual Private Server) Module.

If you don’t want to use Digital Ocean Servers, you can use virtual machine to host your own private server using Ubuntu Server O.S. For this case you can set the login credentials yourself while installing on your virtual machine. Refer to the documentation in VPS(Virtual Private Server) Module to clear your doubts.

I hope your issue is solved!:v:t3:

If you are facing to much problem you can do the same on windows using a simple ide such as vs code.
For running a python code you just need to add the python extension. And to install boltiot module just write the code without the sudo command then you would be able to run the same code on windows without any error.

Ubuntu Server is a server operating system. There are two ways to approach this project. One by using Digital Ocean Servers which basically hosts the OS on their servers. The other way is by using your own computer to host. For the second method:

  1. Visit and download VirtualBox for your OS.
  2. Visit and download Ubuntu Server software.
  3. Install VirtualBox and open it.
  4. Then click on New button and create a new virtual machine.
  5. Click on the newly created virtual machine and press start.
  6. When prompted enter the path where the Ubuntu Server software which you downloaded earlier is stored
  7. Then follow the onscreen instructions for installation.
    For detailed information refer to the videos under the Vitual Private Server Section.