Regarding use of BOLT module

Since i’m using Bolt wifi module in my final year project & being a Mumbai university student
What to answer if someone asks me why am I using bolt module (other than technical specs) and not any other module (NodeMCU)?

well you can say answer them that Bolt WiFi module is easy to use ,i mean anyone can use this module easily , just with the help of some instruction .
And i think Bolt WiFi module is way more advance then NodeMCU.


It really depends on what you are doing as your project.

If you are doing something relatively simple as turning on an LED as a project, then no matter what you say your answer will be wrong for the teachers.

Now if the focus of your project is something quite complicated, then you can say that to simplify the work related to IoT interfacing, and to ensure that you get the time to get the complicated work done you used the Bolt WiFi module and not the NodeMCU.