Regarding video for final project

Is creating video of final project is compulsory,or should I document the project in and share the link during test?.
anyone please give complete information about this,because after project 1 they have asked to provide video ,and at the end of training they have mentioned video isn’t compulsory.
and also should i submit my project documentation link from to before i take the test?

Projects and assignments given during the course is meant only for self study.
But in order to get certificate,you need to make document and video which is compulsory,since you need to share those links during the final test where you will be asked to share the link.
It is better to share both project+video links.

Hope this would help you.

@janakiguduru444 please can you tell me how can i share my video link.i haven’t published my video on in should i create video link.

You need to create a YouTube channel and upload it.soon after when you publish your video, you will get the URL link.
You have publish with proper format.
For more information, go through
HOW TO SUBMIT THE PROJECT,which is available at the starting of the course.

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hi @janakiguduru444 . that’s only for challenges right .if anyone interested to do project on covid-19 using iot and ML and also on IOT and ML innovation they should follow those instructions. i am asking for final project submission for getting certificate.
correct me if i am wrong. thank you.

For certificate test
Project documented with related images,screenshots,code is mandatory.
Whereas video is not necessary.
In case if you wish to submit the video,you need to follow the instructions accordingly.

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@janakiguduru444 ok mam.thank you

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the same problem(
can u explain?