Regarding voltage usage of bolt wifi module

Hi, I have a power adapter on which it is written 5V–2A OR 9V–2A ,will it be safe to use that power adapter for powering bolt wifi module or do I need to consider using another power adapter of 5V–1A because I have that one??

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Hey Bhaskar, Yes you can use a power adapter of the reading that you have mentioned.
The power adapter will itself regulate the voltage value and will work seamless.
You can also use your phone charger for powering ON the WiFi Module.
I Hope that my suggestion will solve your problem.
Thank You and All the Best.

You can use the source of 5V as it doesn’t lead to any damage to the wifi module.
You can connect the wifi module either to power adapter or laptop using micro usb cable.
Make sure that you don’t keep pressure on the ESP8266 as it may lead to permanent damage.
Try to hold it in the corners and follow the instructions given in the introduction of the training.

Good luck…

Hey bhaskar, regarding the query you posted,
yes,u can go with adapter rated 5V 2 amp,there might not be any issue with that,though the specification suggests its input parameter to be of 5 volt 1 amp,but I will strongly suggest not to go for 9 volt adapter as it might damage the damage the module itself.
Another thing u can do is to use a voltage regutator 7805 to convert 9 volt to 5 volt.
Best of luck.

Hi Bhaskar, I read your query, First of all I would tell you that your Bolt IOT module has an onboard voltage regulator ams1117 which converts 5V to 3.3V , also its current providing capacity is around 1A.
Never use 9V supply for the bolt module as it would lead to destruction of the voltage regulator ic and hence the board.
Also, one thing I would like to bring to your notice, the power supply will provide only that much current which is needed by the circuit, in this case the bolt wifi module.
Hence you may use either 5V-1A power adapter or 5V-2A slot power adapter.