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Sir I have one doutbt sir about web page creat,I follow the instructions in html programming language and web development by using sublime text editor. If I wrong please correct it sir , The sublime is only text editor.It used to create codes (html tags,js,etc…,). It doesn’t create the web page(that means does not link this web page in internet),it used to coding and check the code into web browsers like chrome, Mozilla Firefox,Internet explore etc…, how to connect the web page through the internet.ex: if I search my web page it shown in internet how to link that web page sir.please tell me sir.

Yes, using sublime text (a text editor) you can create html documents, js scripts and much more. You can then use a browser to view these pages stored in your local disk. Simply right click, open with your browser.
If you want to publish the page on the internet, you’ll need to purchase a domain name. Alternatively you can try blogs for testing html but they’re not the same.

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@pankajkumar.p Thank you for your reply sir.My doubts about the web page is solved.

Hi @kmuthukumarece1998,

After writing the HTML code, you have to rent a server from the cloud providers. In simple term cloud providers provides your a computer remotely that will be connected to the internet and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

  1. After renting the computer (Droplets, instances), you need to install a web server software . For example Apache2, Nginx, Lighttpd, etc.

  2. and then you have to upload your code to the remote computer using ftp/sftp software. For example. FileZilla, WinSCP, Git.

  3. Since remote computer is a computer similar to your laptop/Desktop but it does not have any UI and you have to send all the commands over the common line interface.

  4. You can download any software to connect to your remote computer using Putty.

  5. After login into a remote computer, you have to configure your web server to point it to your HTML file.

  6. Restart the server and done. You can access your HTML from anywhere using the IP of your remote computer.

Check this link

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Thank you for your reply sir.It’s usefull for me.

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