Regenerating API key aftereffects

Where are we supposed to make changes after regenerating the api key and why doesn’t the bolt module even get started after the regeneration?

Hello, when you regenerate the API Key, all the codes which are having the old key should be replaced with new one so tht it interacts with the Bolt Wi-fi Module.
And regarding the bolt module can u be little specific, like is it not able to connect to internet(i.e. green light not glowing) (or) your not able to interact with it (or) something else.

When you regenerate your API key all the software codes are associated with the old key.
You need to replace it with the new one i.e. new API key so the your Bolt WiFi module works.
This situation is similar to the Lock and Key analogy where, once a Lock is changed you would need a new key and the old key won’t work.

Regarding the connectivity of WiFi module, try troubleshooting it. Do check the Bolt Cloud Documentation for detailed explanation.

Hope my response would be helpful for solving your problem.

Thanks for responding
The bolt module in my case is not getting turned on since the time I have reset the API key.
Also,I do not know where exactly to replace the old key with the new one


Thank you all ,my bolt module has successfully restarted

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Even I am facing the same problem. After generating new API it stopped working, then i deleted the product and saved the code once again. The API key is enabled but still the led control circuit is not functioning.Please help me out.

Hi @sonaiyasahil10,

You don’t have to delete the product. Just refresh the control page on Bolt Cloud and it will start working.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Sir how do I refresh the control page?
Please help.

Hiii… @riyajhagogo , @sonaiyasahil10 , in all the codes where you have used the API key, replace the old API key with the new one.