Regestration process

While regestering for the cloud…when i enter all my details and aftr i click on regester it is showing that this email id has been already regestered…and when i sign in then its redirecting to google…but it is not showing that u have sucessfully regestered…bt the main problem is that…for asking this question i again need to regester it by my email id so…i used a different email id to login here.

My correct email id is
So while regestration process for cloud account …it is saying that.this email id has been already regester

I guess that is because of the different sites-
You may have to login into each of this separately.

It seems that you have registered already, try to login through your cloud account.

try using a different browser.
if you are using google chrome to sign in, then try signing in by using Mozilla Firefox and also check whether the version you are using is up to date or not

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I can login to the 2nd and 3rd site but…their is problem in

@swapnalikamble232323, you need to register(create a new account) at
This registration is different from the other 2 websites. If it says your account already exists, click on forgot password.
Hope that helps.